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Take Your Problems To The Woods

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A  piece of wisdom I learned recently is  "take your problems to the woods!" I considered that this was something that I had done without realizing it. Now that I have brought awareness to it, I noticed that when I walked into the forest, my relationship to my problem shifted and I was able to see it more clearly. As a mindfulness coach with CMHC, I am happy to share the techniques of mindfulness in a natural setting so that clients can experience the relief of taking their problems to the woods. 

 Since we as humans come from and are part of nature, this return to the forest is a real homecoming. When we enter natural spaces such as forests, beaches, fields where nature is the dominant force, we begin the healing process. Many studies are pointing to the calming effects on the body and mind provided by paying attention to nature. 

This homecoming to nature facilitates a homecoming within ourselves. We may begin to notice sounds, the cool breeze on our skin, and our breath slowing and deepening. We may begin to notice the waterfall of thoughts that pass through and passing clouds of emotions that drift in and out. Is this awareness of our inner and outer not who we are at our core, or are we the passing and fleeting thoughts that flash through our minds? I invite you to take this question to the forest and see what's true for you. 

When I heard a friend say take your problem to the forest, it was like hearing something I already knew but had never heard named out loud. In these times of disconnection, loneliness, fear, and anger, we are invited to come home to what really matters. The peace that nature can show us may help us realize we are not alone, but rather interconnected with all beings, depending on them, and them dependent on us. I invite you to join me in taking your problem to the forest!


Phillip is a mindfulness coach. He works with the participant to tailor a coaching plan to help them meet their goals for mindfulness practices including kindness, compassion, and forgiveness which can be applied to relationships, conflict, trauma, organizational wisdom, and societal change

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