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Tai Chi - Martial, Art, and Moving Meditation

The slow mediative movements of Tai Chi allow the brain(mind) to pay attention to what the body is doing. This helps develop muscle memory better than fast movements. The mind-body connection is very complex. By practicing Tai Chi the body learns how to move while relaxed.

Tai Chi is a martial art and, when one attains a high skill level, can be used for self-defense. That said, the martial aspect is important for beginners also. Learning the Tai Chi walk involves awareness of weight shifting and feeling the ground with the foot to move. The Tai Chi walk was developed for hand-to-hand combat but we can use this walk to remain stable when walking.

Tai Chi is an art in which everyone can participate. The movements are slow and easy to follow. The mind-body connection allows us to express our own unique spirit.

Tai Chi has many health benefits. Nearly every day a new study comes out that claims Tai Chi helps with ….. fill in the blank- osteoporosis to anxiety to lowering blood pressure. I know from my personal practice that Tai Chi has brought balance into my life, both mental and physical.

There are many ways to live a mindful life. All involve daily practice. Tai Chi is one way to practice mindfulness.

Start your practice by joining CMHC's Tai Chi class taught by Carol Suzdak.

Carol Suzdak teaching Tai Chi class


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