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Silent No More...

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

On the Cusp


balanced. here we are.

not quite there; not quite gone

whisper on crisp breeze

sends us scurrying

we listen

for the next

we tense

straining under

we pause

lest we choose 'not quite right'

what is

what tugs our souls, pushes us on

whispers again

growing louder, calling us, urging on,

poised, balanced, here we are...

our choice - follow or lead

inside or out

right or left

sit or run

frozen or unleashed

together, hand in hand

silent no more...

Both painting and poem are inspired by CMHC women's hiking event.

Painting: Loch Raven Grove by Frank Martin

Poem: On the Cusp by Kathy

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