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From Silence, Comes Poems

- Two Poems from Healing the Healer Silent Nature Retreat Participants

- Photo by Payton Pan


- By Bev Gorman

The open landscape of freedom from the bondage of containment….

The joyous languishing of rhythm in the movement away from confinement…..

The capacity to enter more fully into the depth and breadth of my existence….

The deepening of inner knowing in the stillness of quiet waters….

The expansion of flight as a bird that sees all above the landscape of the finite….

The growth of transformation into a new arising filled with hope and possibility….

The awakening of newness in the unseen potential of each and every moment that exists….

The great invitation of the soul coming back to itself in unmuted longing for the more…. the real… the unknown.

- Photo by Payton Pan

simple truth

- By Heather Sowers

oh sister trees

you sway and dip

leaning into the wind

like a lover

you invited me to dance with you

to feel my roots going down

how much you say

with no words at all

i feel your love

in the breeze on my neck

the sun on my face

the smile of a friend i just met

the spider on my arm

the ant on my foot

the clouds forming and reforming

in the bluest blue sky

how have i ever possibly let myself believe that i am ever really alone?

all is holy

holy is all

divine is everywhere

everywhere is divine\

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