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2022 Lighthouse Exercise: Goals and Aspiration for a Healthy and Happy New Year

A lighthouse is a metaphorical structure designed to emit light (e.g. insight) to serve as a navigational Tool. The lighthouse is always there to help you remember what you are all about. When you get lost in the stormy weather of life, the lighthouse will guide you home. In this Exercise, Your goals and Aspiration make up your lighthouse.

The following reflection questions guide your exploration and May result in helpful insights. You don’t need to attend to all questions, write down your Thoughts to any inquiries that capture your interest or Stir an emotional reaction.

  1. What have I learned about me from the last year?

    1. What have been your most painful experiences of the past year

    2. What have you learned about yourself from these painful experiences?

    3. What have been your highlights of 2020?

    4. What would you like to leave behind in 2020?

    5. What did not work well this past year that you’d like to improve upon?

    6. Over the past year what methods or activities have helped your mental health?

    7. What are you grieving from this year?

  1. Who do I want to be in 2022?

    1. Contemplate the six spokes on the self-care wheel (below) and formulate 3 goals for each area in your life.

    2. Which relationship would you like to pay attention to this coming year?

    3. What relationship in your life needs improvement? Envision this relationship in its most ideal place. What would help move that relationship towards that ideal?

    4. Where do you envision yourself a year from now and what will it take?

    5. What are 3 things you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?

  1. What is your *word for the year?

    1. What is your definition of that word?

    2. Why did this word choose you?

    3. How will you nurture this word in 2022?

*I will invite you to do a word-of-the-year exercise sometime in the beginning of the new year.

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