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Connection to Nature

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Nature has brought me home to myself and my spirituality.

Every year millions of people flock to national parks, seeking wonder and peace, rest and calmness. People are relentlessly drawn to nature.

In what way has nature connected you to your spirituality? Do you sense God more vividly when hiking or witnessing at a sunset? Why do some of us experience our spiritual nature more clearly among the trees, rivers or mountains?

Nature is not only seen as a way to connect with oneself, but as a way to connect with your higher being and the universe. Eco-spirituality reveals the universe as a place of God's self-revelation, where God's presence can be found in the quiet of forest, lakes, mountains, desert, ocean, or flower garden. Being in Nature creates awareness of a person's littleness and nothingness before the glory of God.

Perhaps it is the exposure to the grandeur of nature that provides us with perspective and we become aware of the minuteness of our problems.

If you're interested in Ecospirituality and how to connect with nature visit for information on our Nature Retreat.

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