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Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative (CMHC):
Healing Through
Clinical Excellence & 
Nature Connection

Leading Expert in Anxiety Treatment
& Nature Informed Therapy

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Discover Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative (CMHC)

Our Foundation:

Grounded in decades of clinical expertise, CMHC blends traditional therapeutic modalities with innovative Nature Informed Therapy, creating a balanced and holistic pathway to mental well-being."

Transforming Your Relationship with Anxiety:

Anxiety, while complex, is not insurmountable, our tailored therapeutic approach goes beyond symptom management empowering you to understand, embrace, and channelize anxiety to pave the way for growth and resilience. 

Support Beyond Sessions:

Our commitment to mental health extends beyond individual therapy. We're a hub for professionals and organizations, providing a suite of services designed to uplift, educate, and empower."

Service Highlights

Therapy & Mental Health Programs

We offer a range of therapies and nature-connected events designed for holistic well-being. Specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief, we ensure a transformative healing journey. Embark on a path of understanding and thriving with us.

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Support Mental Health Porfessionals

Join a community that understands your unique challenges and needs. CMHC offers a suite of services tailored for mental health professionals, including supervision, office space rentals, and expert billing support. Additionally, our tech solutions, like website building and maintenance, help you establish a strong digital presence.

Mental Wellness

Elevate the well-being and productivity of your team with CMHC's comprehensive offerings. From mastering workplace stress management techniques to harnessing the power of Enneagram insights for enhanced team collaboration and synergy, we're here to support your organizational health. Our programs also provide essential guidance in navigating grief and loss, ensuring a compassionate and resilient workspace. Plus, with our workplace mental health first aid training, empower your team to respond effectively to mental health challenges and create a truly supportive environment.

Featured & Upcoming at CMHC

Get the Love You Want
Imago Couple's Workshop

Imago Couples' Workshop.png

This is a transformative intensive two-day couples workshop/retreat to help you create long-lasting intimacy and freedom with your partner.  We will explore the old relationship patterns that lead to conflict and resentment, learn and practice research-based skills that turn conflict into healing opportunities, and expand your capacity to live in love and joy. 

Meditation with
Sound Healing


Embark on a six-week transformative journey designed to nurture your mind and spirit. "Intro to Meditation with Sound Healing" is more than an event—it’s a sanctuary where vibrations heal, and serenity reigns. Experience the soothing embrace of vibrational sounds from a unique collection of instruments, each tone crafted meticulously to cleanse your energy and elevate your spirit.

Upcoming Events and Programs

Headquarters - Towson MD
Main Office: 1010 Dulaney Valley Road
Building 2: 1008 Dulaney Valley Road
Building 3: 1012 Dulaney Valley Road

Monkton - Ladew Topiary Gardens
Owings Mills - Irvine Nature Center
Monkton - Puh'Tok in the Pines 
Baltimore - Talmar Grounds
Manchester - Kything Croft

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