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Loving Couple


An Imago Couple's Workshop

About the Workshop

This is a transformative intensive two day couples workshop to help you create long-lasting intimacy and freedom with your partner.  We will explore the old relationship patterns that lead to conflict and resentment, learn and practice research-based skills that turn conflict into healing opportunities, and expand your capacity to live in love and joy.    

  • Reinvigorate your relationships.

  • Transform conflict into connection.

  • Learn practical skills for effective and empathetic communication

About the Facilitators

Anne Contee

Anne Contee is a Couple’s relationship therapist licensed to practice in Maryland and Florida. Anne was born and raised in India, where she developed her passion for yoga/Ayurveda and founded White Lotus Wellness Center and was a professor of Yoga Studies within the University of Maryland’s Kinesiology department. She fused her previously earned MBA and lifelong yogic studies to create a holistic therapeutic model to assist her clients with trauma-related illnesses. Anne completed her second master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Loyola University’s Pastoral Counseling. Anne provides professional counseling services, integrating a holistic approach that emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Anne is a nature enthusiast and is a graduate of Nature Informed Therapy. Currently training in Chi for Two, a polyvagal-informed multi-generational trauma healing method. Anne is secured as a Trauma Specialist. through the Washington DC Veteran’s Agency for PTSD treatment for Veterans. One of Anne’s passions is to work in communities of color with a collaborative approach addressing transgenerational trauma, relational science, and integrating nature in her work. Anne is a featured writer for Counseling Today magazine, where she mentions the absence of cultural competencies in the mental health industry.


Barry A Contee

Barry was born in Washington, D.C., the middle of three children. He became a volunteer EMT and subsequently a Paramedic with a local volunteer fire department before making a career out of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). After responding as an EMS provider for many years he was promoted and retired from that position as a Battalion Chief. Barry took on several high-ranking positions afterward including Chief of EMS in several organizations. Barry has two adult children and one grandchild. He married Anne Contee in 2011. They currently reside in Naples Florida. In 2015 Barry and Anne attended an Imago Workshop together to improve their relationship, as this was the second marriage for both. Anne subsequently became an Imago Therapist. Throughout her new career, Barry has been very supportive of Anne’s career and the practice of Imago in their own relationship. In 2022 they attended an Imago workshop trainers’ course together and are working on their credentials to become workshop presenters.

About Imago Therapy

Imago therapy is an evidence-based approach to therapy among couples to re-image their relationship and have tools to create safety in their relationship. 

Imago is the Latin word for "image". Deep down, each of us carries a picture of what we think love is supposed to look, sound and feel like. We bring that vision and those expectations with us into our committed relationships, but they don’t always serve us well.

Imago is a uniquely nonjudgmental, compassionate approach that will help you...
•    Reinvigorate your relationships.
•    Transform conflict into connection.
•    Learn practical skills for effective and empathetic communication.


How Does Imago Differ from Other Types of Therapy?

Imago's collaborative approach often takes fewer sessions than other forms of therapy to uncover the root problems and patterns fueling most conflict and disconnection. Imago’s approach also lessens the most common concerns partners may have about participating in therapy. These concerns or fears may include - the belief a couple should solve their own problems, the fear of being blamed for relationship issues, the concern therapy won’t bring lasting change, the lack of progress with previous forms of therapy, or the belief that the current status of the relationship should be left alone.

Imago takes a relational vs. an individual problem-solving approach. It guides couples to understand how each partner comes to the relationship with issues and how to heal together as a team.

Rather than acting as a referee, our therapists teach and guide couples to communicate in a safe and structured way that removes blame, shame, and criticism. Through skilled conversation, the couple can learn from one another, using conflict as an opportunity for healing and growth.

What to Expect?

The workshop consists of centering exercises, short lectures, dialogue demonstrations, dialogue practice, group processing, play, fun activities, and relationship envisioning.

Who Will Benefit?

Imago tools work well for people seeking to deepen connections, including individuals and couples at all stages of relationships. From dating and prenuptial to long-term commitments or marriages, our tools can help couples whether or not they are currently experiencing distress.  Imago couples' workshops might benefit couples who:

  • Are beginning a relationship 

  • Want to enrich and improve your already good relationship

  • Desire more passion and aliveness in your relationship

  • Are struggling and want to resolve a painful conflict

Why is Imago So Effective?

Learning how to resolve conflict in healthy and loving ways helps to avoid lasting damage, resentment or hurt that can slowly tear relationships apart. Imago teaches specific tools, skills and guiding principles designed to empower couples and individuals to:

  • Express feelings in a non-confrontational, safe and structured environment. 

  • Address the root of conflicts rather than problem-solve specific incidents.

  • Embrace the fact that each partner has different needs, wants and expectations.

  • Make small changes that create big differences in terms of happiness and fulfillment.

  • Build more intimate, trusting and mutually supportive relationships.

The Weekend Agenda

Friday Afternoon, 4:30 - 8 pm (Dinner to be provided for the in-person event)

Saturday Morning, 9:00 -1:00 pm. Lunch Break from 1:00 -2:00 pm. 

Saturday Afternoon, 2:00 – 6:30 pm

Sunday Morning, 9:00 -1:00 pm. Lunch break from 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Sunday Afternoon, 2:00 - 6:00 pm

There will be additional breaks before and after lunch each day.

Workshop Locations

Currently, the workshop is offered in Towson Maryland and Naples Florida, as wells as online virtually.

Towson Maryland location:

Naples Florida location:

Future Workshop Dates

Nov 17, 18 and 19th, 2023 - CMHC, Towson, MD


$800 per couple

Saturday lunch and course booklets and material included

No upcoming events at the moment
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