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Shelly Slyker


Pursuing Masters in Mental Health Counseling

Shelly embraces a holistic, person-centered approach and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical counseling with Adams State University. With warmth, humility and presence, Shelly collaborates with clients to foster a sense of safety, self-compassion, and awareness of patterns.  This foundation creates fertile ground for learning and new possibilities to flourish. Listening deeply, Shelly actively partners with clients to individualize the therapeutic experience in service of their goals.  Her unwavering belief in every person’s innate wisdom and capacity for growth supports clients to find their voice, moving past feeling stuck by patterns that no longer serve them.



Shelly’s therapeutic offerings include exploration of family systems and attachment theory, embodied mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioral strategies. She holds certifications in Havening Techniques and the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education. As a former teacher of young children, she recognizes how the mind can quiet its stories with art, play, movement, and time outdoors. Nature-informed therapy and other creative practices allow insights to emerge alongside nervous system regulation. Shelly is trauma informed with a deep appreciation of how the body, mind, and spirit are intricately intertwined.  Self-compassion, play, and curiosity are core components of collaborative work with Shelly. As clients create new narratives and solidify adaptive patterns, step-by-step change is possible. Life expands with more ease, vitality, and a sense of empowerment.  These are Shelly’s deeply held belief and her life’s work.


    Life transitions, anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, Relationship issues including parenting; Interest and developing skill in working creatively with children.


$30 a session


Not paneled with insurance


(410) 567-1117 ext. 1


1010 Dulaney Valley Road

Interested in therapy for yourself or a loved one? Please contact our intake team. Include your name, phone number, insurance, and a brief overview on why you are seeking counseling. 

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