Nature Informed Therapy Certification - 3-day course : 

The Nature Informed Therapy Certificate is a training program for individuals who want to integrate nature into mental health counseling. This 3-month experiential workshop will introduce Nature Informed Therapy practices for clinicians and demonstrate techniques for wide range of clients.


Grief & Loss A Clinical Approach to Helping Grieving Clients

This course in the study of grief and loss will focus on grief counseling theory and bereavement counseling tools and techniques. This course will aid clinicians in gaining professional competence in bereavement counseling and the nuances of the human grief response. *Counts for 7 CEU credits.


Rewire the Anxious Brain - 4-hour training : ​

Learn the complexities of anxiety from renowned expert Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan. 

Taming the Amy(gdala) - Standard Sequence for Anxiety Relief  - 2-day training : Explore the inner workings of the amygdala and how the brain manifests anxious behavior.  

100% positive course evaluation response with over 93% perfect rating (From independent Course Evaluation CEyou). 



"Wonderful training. Loved the use of smell in the therapeutic process wonderful two days with lots of wonderful exercises."