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Jasmine Lehman



What if you could transform your relationship to anxiety permanently in as little as 3-months? Jasmine helps adults and adolescents do this with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Exposure & Reduction Prevention: 60-90% of people who complete CBT with ERP find it effectively treats their symptoms and helps them reclaim their lives!

Jasmine graduated from Liberty University where she learned how to deliver mental health counseling while integrating Christian spirituality. Jasmine has personally faced, for the past 20-years the complexities of being a follower of Jesus including the doubt, polarization and hardships. She can also help you navigate your own walk with Christ at your discretion and pace.

Often, client’s remark that Jasmine is able to articulate their inexpressible inner experiences in ways that bring clarity and hope. Jasmine can help client’s work through grief, disappointment, fear, shame and confusion.

Jasmine has an extensive nature appreciation background which includes working as a nature camp educator and teaching nature-newbies how to connect to the natural world.
Originally a New Haven, Connecticut native, Jasmine has made Baltimore City her home for the past 10-years! She looks forward to guiding you along your path towards wellness!



Jasmine offers a holistic and integrative approach to therapy, combining evidence-based practices with spiritual and nature-based elements. Her focus on adolescents, anxiety disorders, and life transitions, coupled with her Christian counseling and nature appreciation background, provides a well-rounded therapeutic experience aimed at fostering long-term wellness and personal growth.


    Adolescents, Anxiety: OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Christian counseling, Life Transitions: grief, post-college challenges, Time-limited, symptom-focused, evidence-based therapy


Individuals: $130 per session Insurance Accepted: BlueCross/BlueShield and Affiliates. Sliding Scale: Offered

Sliding Scale for Self Pay: Offered


CareFirst BCBS


(410) 567-1117 ext. 1


1010 Dulaney Valley Road

Interested in therapy for yourself or a loved one? Please contact our intake team. Include your name, phone number, insurance, and a brief overview on why you are seeking counseling. 

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