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Chronic Illness

Mental health and physical health are fundamentally linked. People living with chronic illness or medical conditions are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. Co-existing mental and physical conditions can diminish the quality of life and lead to longer illness duration and worse health outcomes.

CMHC understands the links between mind and body and has developed 

strategies to reduce the incidence of co-existing conditions and support those already living with mental illnesses and chronic physical conditions.

Karen Engel-Thompson


Karen is a nurse psychotherapist who brings her experience as a registered nurse to her psychotherapy practice. Health issues, whether acute or chronic, can tax coping strategies that have otherwise been sustaining. Karen specializes in working with patients, loved ones, or caregivers to navigate the impact of health issues by building resilience, enhancing coping and reestablishing well being.  Areas of focus include oncology, fibromyalgia, organ transplant, grief and loss, life transition, and issues of aging.


Bev Gorman

RN, Health & Relationship Coach

Bev is a Registered Nurse who has been working in the health field for the last 40 years in acute care nursing.  "My husband has a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that we have been navigating for the past 12 years that has taught me a tremendous amount.  I am a health coach available to help others learn, advocate, navigate, and process any health-related issues whether long term illnesses or short term acute medical challenges.  

Instead of focusing on what is “wrong” with you and what needs to be “fixed,” health coaching philosophy focuses on what has, can, and will work better for you. This means that instead of rooting around for problems to dwell on, I will work with you to harness your understanding and compassionately help clarify your current health needs and goals."

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