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Transforming the unexpected into a legacy of love

We all have a story, and underneath it lies a universal story. Donna Shin-Ward, counselor and wellness coach, shares her life journey as a guide to moving through grief and trauma, especially related to narcissistic emotional abuse.

Through vibrant storytelling and poignant reflections, Donna explores how she navigated the storms—from cancer as a teenager to the turmoil of love and divorce, twice. Through many awakenings, she relied on her relationship with Jesus, who called her to a spiritual path at age nineteen and opened her heart to many facets of Divine Love. This Love is deeply invested in every pain and challenge that leads us into our wholeness; without this suffering, we cannot transcend to our next level of growth. Donna’s insights from both a personal and psychological perspective can help you flow through and with your suffering, whatever the cause, and move into a state of graceful healing.

Embrace vibrant health and wholeness by speaking your hard truth to yourself first and surrendering to the opportunities for growth that come. May the offerings from Donna's life and those teachers’ whose wisdom she shares bring you to your own mystical moments of emancipation and grace.

My Mystical Path: A Memoir of Finding Grace and Dignity in Life's Hardest Lesson

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