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Mindfulness Training for Sports
Focus & Confidence Instruction to Improve Athletic Performance

Gain a Tactical Edge 

Gain an edge that only professional athletes know how to harness. Ever wonder how the best get into a flow and achieve win after win? Improve your game by bringing calm, focus, and confidence into your sport. Register for a one-time session or 6-week session where the athletes will learn how to apply attention to the present moment to improve performance. By the end of the 6-week session, the athlete will know how to apply mindfulness to their sport to meet their goals and improve their personal performance.


Six-week mindfulness for Athletes Itinerary

Week 1: What is mindfulness? Which athlete uses mindfulness to their advantage? How does being focused in the moment give you an edge? An overview on when, where, and how to use mindfulness tactics. 


Week 2: Focusing and concentration training. Where and how to use attention control to your advantage. How to connect breath, body and sounds to build an in-the-moment flow. 


Week 3: Working with your thoughts. Confidence is key to winning. Learn how to work properly with your inner critic and coach. Unleash the power of your mind. 

Week 4: Working with your emotions. Learn how to stay calm and poised in the midst of an emotional game. How to recognize, and release emotions that are not helping performance and cultivate emotions that do.

Week 5: Continue to develop confidence and trust in your ability to perform. How do we become a supportive inner coach and advocate for ourselves?

Week 6: Incorporating mindfulness into your training routine and into life. How to keep growing the practice of presence and develop a routine to apply mindfulness to daily life?


Instruction led by former athlete and trained mindfulness instructor Phillip McKnight. 

Each session is 1 hour and is $60/athlete 

Group/team discounts are available 


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch with our Mindfulness Instructor to start your improvements.

Call Phillip: 410-960-0809

Email Phillip:

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