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Michelle Dudley



Michelle Dudley earned her Master’s degree in social work from the University of Maryland where she specialized in clinical work with adolescents, young adults, and new immigrant families. Michelle has experience working with adults, young adults, and adolescents in a therapeutic capacity with those facing anxiety, depression, grief/loss, trauma, acculturation, and other transitions. Some of her professional experiences include practicing at a high school wellness center as well as at Meyer Treatment Center at the Washington School of Psychiatry. More recently, Michelle has led nature therapy visits to local farms, connecting group participants to the healing experiences of plants and animals.

Michelle also holds a Master’s in Intercultural Communications and certification as a CNC Nutritional Consultant. This previous training supported her decade of work as a Programs Manager where she led bilingual, healthy eating education, outreach, and coordination for a farmer’s market non-profit. Michelle believes in a holistic, culturally sensitive approach to each therapeutic relationship, and that our needs for nourishment and nature are multi-tiered.



Michelle is always willing to do short-term, results-oriented work, but also welcomes opportunity to do longer-term work, which allows for a deeper examination of your life, working-through of past hurts and for the exploration of new ways to relate to ourselves, others, and our lives. Michelle has been trained to combine approaches such as CBT, MI, psychodynamic, and mindfulness. Michelle believes in a values and strengths-based, positive psychology perspective. Where possible and when beneficial to the client, Michelle also integrates nature-based therapeutic methods to support rejuvenation through connecting with both the present moment and the senses in the natural world, with simultaneous disconnection from technology.


    My ideal client is someone who:

    Experiences stress and anxiety and wishes for a space/time in nature to rejuvenate/reflect

    Is moving through a life transition (acculturation, identity, grief or loss etc.)

    Wants to explore healthy lifestyle habits, personal strengths, and/or values to support transition

    Is open-minded and motivated to learning new ways --of coping or taking next steps in life

    Wants to disconnect from technology and connect to the life energy of the outdoor world via nature therapy sessions at least 2-3x/month.

    Preference for adolescents or young adults, women, Spanish-speaking, and/or 65+


Self Pay


Insurance not accepted.




1010 Dulaney Valley Road

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