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Amanda Benjamin



Amanda is a clinical social worker who specializes in creating healing spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), particularly black and brown youth and changemakers/activists. She aims to hold space for you as you uncover your most authentic self and create a life that reflects your authenticity. Her approach is gentle, intentional, and honest, and her goal is to support you in navigating your own healing journey.



She gravitates toward modalities that are mindfulness-based, client centered and liberation-focused. Some of these include motivational interviewing, meditation/ mindfulness, mind-body medicine tools, parts-based therapy/ inner child work and psychoeducation. She also believes in the healing power of being in nature and being in community and often incorporates and encourages the exploration of both.


    She works with teens, emerging adults and adults who may be struggling with life’s challenges and demands. This could include depression, anxiety, major transitions, attachment/relationship issues, work-life stressors, and the impacts of racism and oppression.


Out of Pocket: $110 per session

Sliding Scale: $85 per session


CareFirst BCBS


410-567-1117 ext. 708


1010 Dulaney Valley Road

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