We Understand starting therapy can be a daunting process. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when setting up a new appointment

Is Therapy Confidential?

Absolutely. We take privacy extremely seriously. Conversations you have with your therapist are kept in strict confidentiality. Every therapist conversation, intake, email, or phone call at CMHC is HIPPA compliant.


How Do I Begin Therapy?

You will first contact our intake team by phone or email. An intake coordinator will process your general information (insurance, date of birth etc.) and the reasons your are seeking therapy. You will then be connected with a therapist based on your preferences, needs and availability.

Phone: 410-567-1117


What About Insurance?

Most CMHC Counselors take BlueCross/BlueShield and Cigna. Please contact your insurance provider to learn your deductible. For those paying out of pocket, many of our clinicians offer a sliding scale rate which lowers the cost of sessions. We also offer an affordable counseling program. Our billing team is happy to answer any questions you may have. 

410-567-1117 ex.3


Online vs. In Person

Which is Better?

In an increasingly digital world traditional therapy is not the only option. Participating CMHC clinicians offer sessions through our secure online video-call portal. Use what fits best. Some find digital therapy much more manageable while others prefer meeting face to face. Talk to your clinician to learn more. 

Where is CMHC located?

  • Right off I-695 exit 27

  • As soon as you come off the highway, before you hit any red light, you will see a few white homes along the edge of the road. Look for our sign out front. 

  • Walking distance to Towson Town Center and Goucher College

Can I Make an Appointment for Someone Else?

Yes you can. As long as that person has given consent, you are allowed to make an initial appointment on their behalf. Please have their contact and insurance information ready.