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Karen Engel-Thompson



Karen Engel-Thompson PMH CNS BC is a nurse psychotherapist who brings her experience as a registered nurse to her psychotherapy practice. Health issues, whether acute or chronic, can tax coping strategies that have otherwise been sustaining. Karen specializes in working with patients, loved ones, or caregivers to navigate the impact of health issues by building resilience, enhancing coping and reestablishing well being.  Areas of focus include oncology, fibromyalgia, organ transplant, grief and loss, life transition, and issues of aging.


Help you to navigate the impact of the health issues include


  • Oncology

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Organ transplant

  • Grief and loss

  • Aging


Phone: 410-567-1117


Medical Psychotherapy

Health-related problems, whether acute or chronic, can tax coping strategies that have otherwise been sustaining.  The ripple effect of challenges stemming from a medical illness can go beyond changes of physical function.  Issues of vulnerability and mortality, shifts in relationship dynamic, and topics of loss and aging are related consequences.  Thes can be overwhelming and lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Partners, spouses, family members, and loved ones can also be affected and struggle with caregiver issues. 


Medical psychotherapy can provide a new perspective to understand and cope with life changes resulting from illness, as well as potential treatment side effects.  Using a variety of modalities, psychotherapy can assist in coming to terms with the widespread impact of health problems, in addition to navigating lifestyle changes and enhancing strategies of self-care and well being.  

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