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Jeanine Adair holds an MS from Loyola University Maryland and is licensed as a professional counselor. She sees therapy as a collaborative effort between client and counselor to increase life satisfaction for the client. This may involve addressing depression or anxiety. It may also mean finding your way through a life transition, a loss, a past trauma, or a troubled relationship. It is always about discovering the “missing piece” that is preventing forward movement for the individual.

Clinical Approach

Jeanine employs a psychodynamic understanding of the client’s experience with CBT techniques to move toward informed and deliberate responses to life stressors. Elevating one’s typical reaction patterns to rational, more conscious responses leads to contentment, empowerment, and mature life choices. Jeanine accomplishes this by understanding and integrating the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and historical aspects of a person. Her approach is based on a firm conviction that the client is always the expert in their own process.


She is a trained practitioner in “Trust-Based Relational Intervention”, designed for children from hard places. Jeanine instructs their caregivers in a unique and powerful approach that instills trust in traumatized kids who are otherwise dominated by fear and self-sabotaging behaviors.


Those who are depleted, burned out, discouraged, depressed, anxious and feel powerless to transform their lives. Offering insight and skills to change what no longer works. Changing the lens can make all the difference.

Rates: $140 for initial consult

            $130 per session

Insurance: Carefirst BCBS

Sliding Scale: Offered


Office: (410) 567-1117 Ext. 705


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