Led by Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan

Date: Saturday December 8th

Time: 8:30am- 11:30 am

Location: Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative

Cost: $50

Nothing to book at the moment

Faith over Fear: faith-based tools for managing anxiety and stress.

How do we discover calm and peace amidst life’s uncertainties? In this interactive workshop we will enhance our ability to cope with anxiety, worry and unease by exploring ways that our faith can be a resource for resiliency and well-being. Furthermore, we will learn about spiritual tools and practical steps to “let go and let God".


“The words and concepts and approach to your teachings were a gift to me, and although it was psycho-educational, it was also emotional and spiritual for me. I will absolutely put into practice some of the lessons and create a new path starting with handing the storyline of the trauma over to my spirit guide.  I will ask her to tend to it, as I reduce it’s power and continue to heal..” 


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