Couple in Love



By Bev Gorman based on Enneagram

"Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time."
—Maya Angelou

How does it work?

Using the enneagram as a tool for relationship growth allows us to learn  about ourselves more clearly, first and foremost, and then we are able to look at our partner’s unique personality type with greater compassion and understanding in the areas where we are navigating life from very different perspectives.

Step 1.

Take an individual online Enneagram assessment

Step 2.

Meet as a couple and review Enneagram profile together

Step 3.

Identify key strengths of the relationship based on the pairing of your Enneagram types and the areas of real challenge that are being lived out and experienced in your relationship

Step 4.

Set up a plan to address those specific challenges through specific Enneagram exercises and experiences geared toward the couples personality types


meet individually to discuss in greater depth the specifics related to each person’s Enneagram type to promote further growth and development in your type’s psycho-spiritual journey

Most couples experience a shift in their relationship rather quickly once key personality issues are identified and there is a plan in place to continue bringing more awareness, insight and compassion to our individual and shared journeys

How Couples Benefit



The gift of living out of my true self

The first step on the path to being fully liberated to live a life of ultimate freedom and fulfillment

Stronger together with combined energies and complimentary gifts


The enneagram is a typology; a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. It's a geometric figure that delineates the basic personality types of human nature and their complex inter-relationship, which helps us understand our true nature as opposed to the false self of personality.

Our enneagram type is characterized by a number of traits that dominate the individual’s overall personality. This model also identifies each types' greatest fears as well as the coping mechanisms that people use to deal with those anxieties.  In a relationship, the rub comes when we are each navigating our fears and desires from two very different perspectives and fundamental needs. Becoming aware of those differences through the tool of the Enneagram provides a roadmap to how our inner forces affect our outer realities.

About Bev


Bev is a full time Registered Nurse, and a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher through the Enneagram Institute. She is also a professional member of the International Enneagram Association. Bev has been working since 2012 as an Enneagram coach with individuals one on one and assisting couples/partners in their relational strengths and challenges using the Enneagram as a guide. She currently teaches both Introductory Enneagram courses as well as Going Deeper with the Enneagram workshops for Well for the Journey and The Meadow. Bev leads Enneagram workshops for schools, businesses, ministries, non profits and Board of Directors. She also lead Enneagram guided retreats for small groups, churches and businesses.

Fees, Rate, & Insurance

Individual Life & Enneagram Coaching

20 min. Initial Consultation - Free

60 min.  Individual Session - $120

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Couples Relations Coaching

20 min. Initial Consultation - Free

60 min. Couples' Session - $150

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Unlike individual therapy, marriage counseling and relationship coaching are not covered by the most insurances. 

Bev does offer a sliding scale based on financial need