Qi Gong for Stress and Anxiety

There’s a natural peace that we experience when our body and mind finds harmony with our surrounding environment. Flow is a state of being that allows us to be fully present with ourselves and our world, without taking on the stress that comes our way. Unfortunately, many of us experience stress or anxiety in connection with our everyday routine. While sometimes it’s healthy to avoid situations that cause stress or discomfort, we also have the option to decide how we respond to such circumstances. This blog post will explore how Qi Gong can be a powerful tool for overcoming stress and anxiety and finding peace in everyday living. Understanding Stress And Anxiety What exactly is anxiety? Like

The National Emergency? one of many ways current events fuel today’s anxiety epidemic

Baltimore, Maryland, January 20, 2019 – successful psychologist and author Heidi Schreiber-Pan, PhD., has spent the last 20 years observing the human mind under stress. An intriguing collection of clinical experiences now appear in her latest book Taming the Anxious Mind which deconstructs the complex treatment of anxiety and stress disorders into a user-friendly and action-oriented guidebook. Dr. Schreiber-Pan emphasizes that anxiety represents an opportunity to re-train the mind away from destructive thinking towards a healthy mindset. Readers learn how to have a different relationship with themselves by mastering an understanding of how the mind works and practicing ways to better manage

THROB - When You're Experiencing Difficult Emotions

What can you do when you are experiencing an emotion (anger, fear or jealously) that seems to have taken control of you? For example, if you are in a heated argument with your spouse, chances are you are feeling intense emotions. You can’t really hear what your spouse is trying to communicate because your emotions have taken over. Your state of mind is only interested in you formulating your next line of attack. When this happens, I often instruct clients to THROB. #EmotionalIntelligence

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