Five New Year Resolutions to Improve your Mental Health

This week, many people will be making New Year Resolutions, often after careful reflection on personal progress in the last year. Indeed, January offers a chance to look back and take stock of achievements, challenges and lessons learnt. It is also a chance to create a ‘to do’ (or ‘to be’) list for 2018. This is imperative for all who care about personal growth and self-improvement. Enhancing mental health is sometimes considered the business of psychiatrists, psychologists and a myriad of other clinical experts. But much research indicates that individuals themselves can play a critical role in fostering their own mental health. The new year is a perfect time for people to consider and init

Truth & Myth of Mindfulness

There's still much we don't understand about mindfulness and meditation. Here are things we know and not sure about meditation. During the past two decades, more and more scientists have studied mindfulness—a Buddhist-inspired collection of practices aimed at helping us to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness of ourselves and our environment. Their early findings triggered an enormous amount of enthusiasm for meditation. Sometimes, however, journalists and even scientists (who should know better) have overstated the physical and mental health benefits, which has fed growing skepticism about mindfulness. Indeed, the science behind mindfulness meditation has often suffered from poor research d

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