Connection to Nature

Nature has brought me home to myself and my spirituality. Every year millions of people flock to national parks, seeking wonder and peace, rest and calmness. People are relentlessly drawn to nature. In what way has nature connected you to your spirituality? Do you sense God more vividly when hiking or witnessing at a sunset? Why do some of us experience our spiritual nature more clearly among the trees, rivers or mountains? Nature is not only seen as a way to connect with oneself, but as a way to connect with your higher being and the universe. Eco-spirituality reveals the universe as a place of God's self-revelation, where God's presence can be found in the quiet of forest, lakes, mountain

Try These ‘Love Hacks’ to Fix Your Marriage

After studying thousands of couples, the psychologist Eli Finkel has an explanation for the decline in people’s satisfaction with their marriages over the past four decades: It’s a matter of emotional supply and demand. Many people are looking to their partners to replace the companionship and emotional support once provided by extended families and local institutions like churches, bowling leagues, bridge groups, fraternal lodges and garden clubs. Meanwhile, though, many couples are so busy with their jobs and parenting that they’re actually spending less time together by themselves. What to do? Unless you’re willing to reduce your demands, the only solution is to increase the supply. You c

Feeling Older? Here’s How to Embrace It

The realization that you are getting older can come in waves. You watch movies and point to the actors, saying: “She’s dead. Oh, he’s dead, too.” Your parents move to a retirement community they call God’s waiting room. You hear more snap, crackle and pop in your joints than in your breakfast cereal. In society, youthfulness is glorified and getting older is cast as something to avoid, but as your age increases, your quality of life does not necessarily have to decrease, experts said. Here’s what you should know: What is ‘old’? Most people wouldn’t say that a 38-year-old qualifies, but once you pass the median age of 37.8, you may statistically be considered “old,” said Tom Ludwig, emeritus

Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Doesn’t Work

Mindfulness has become the corporate fad du jour, a practice widely touted as a fast-track to better leadership. But we suspect that not all the benefits laid at its feet actually belong there. Our research and analysis has revealed a complicated relationship between mindfulness and executive performance—one that is important for leaders to understand as they seek to develop in their careers. Mindfulness is a method of shifting your attention inward to observe your thoughts, feelings, and actions without interpretation or judgment. A mindfulness practice often begins simply by focusing on your breath, noticing when your mind wanders, and then bringing it back to your breath. As you strengthe

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